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My name is Simon Saini and I have been associated with Indian Astrology for the last two decades. Over the years, I have always maintained a blend of ancient knowledge and modern technology to offer the best service to people at all times.

I have been a consultant Astrologer, Vaastu & Feng Shui consultant and have studied, analysed and interpreted thousands of horoscopes. Thanks to the accuracy of my predictions, I have won the trust and confidence of all the people who come to me for advice. I have travelled widely around the world including Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, United Kingdom, Kenya, France and U.S.A.

At Life & Astrology, we specialize in giving advice and offering simple solutions to help you get the strength to overcome life’s challenges. In special cases, I also offer Gem Therapy to bring balance back in life.

Vedic Astrologer & Vaastu Consultant

International Award Winning Astrologer
For horoscope, feng shui, guidance and gemstones

Call Simon Saini Thailand: +66 877 330 777 , Australia: +61 420 285 107


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