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Astrology remains one of the most popular, yet least understood subjects of all times. Like any discipline, it requires knowledge, research, talent and experience. Being an unregulated branch of study, it has also been misused by people who practice it without the required skills.

At Life & Astrology, you can be sure of dealing with a professional who knows his craft, stays clear of controversial methods, offers educated advice and has years of experience and dozens of awards to prove his credentials.

I respect your views and give advice that always makes sense. I am committed to the fact that an ancient study like Astrology is as relevant in modern times as ever before. For you, that means getting a service which appeals to your intelligence and helps you overcome problems.

Vedic Astrologer & Vaastu Consultant

International Award Winning Astrologer
For horoscope, feng shui, guidance and gemstones

Call Simon Saini Thailand: +66 877 330 777 , Australia: +61 420 285 107


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