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How gemstones can affect your life

The use of gemstone is rooted in the most ancient Hindu scriptures, Vedas and Vedic texts. This is based on the belief that stars and planets strongly influence our lives. Wrongly positioned celestial bodies in our birth chart might negatively impact our lives. Different gemstones are said to have the powers to reduce the malicious effects of unfavourable planets.

Each gemstone has a different effect on the person. Ruby, for instance, can enhance willpower. There is also a pearl that can neutralize the Moon’s negative impacts. You can also use coral to boost your courage and emerald for intelligence. Rose quartz and Lapis Lazuli can help you if you want to improve your love life. Want to have a luxurious life? Wearing diamonds can help achieve that. Green stones like Jade and Aventurine can also help boost your wealth. There is also blue sapphire that can protect you from the evil effects of Saturn.

How gemstones work

Gemstones have distinct energies that are determined by their color and composition. The energies released by a gemstone can neutralize negative energies while strengthening positive energies. The stones function as a lens that receives and reflects planetary rays to the greatest extent possible on the person wearing them. While gemstone can help control the effect of planets, it can also have adverse effects if you enhance the wrong house of your zodiac. That’s why you need proper guidance of an astrologer.

Get the right gemstone for yourself

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