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Dear Sunil, you possess a divine gift of calculating our future. You are a notable astrologer, Feng Shui consultant and a noble human being. You have always guided me and my family down the right paths to important decisions.

SS, Sydney

I was in financial crisis when I came to London….someone asked me to contact Sunil ji and he was so accurate and perfect in his predictions. He has God given talent. Now I call him anytime I have a problem.

Sohail, London

I was facing many problems in life…personal and legal. I found Sunil’s number in a magazine ad and made an appointment. I learnt to find my way out of problems, even some medical issues were resolved. Thank you Sunil.

ZS, Sydney

I was very upset about my job and delay in marriage and found no vedic astrology help in Pakistan. I found Sunil’s number on his website and now I have a good job and got married to the man Sunil had predicted for me. Thumbs up, Sunil.

S, Pakistan

Even though I am skeptical about astrology, I was amazed by the accuracy of not only some past events but also some future events that came to pass on the exact date that he had stated.

CU, Suva, Fiji

Sunil is a person in whom I have faith to share correct interpretation of astrological signs to provide a direction to me. It is his commitment and in-depth knowledge of the subject along with his professionalism which makes me go back to him at crucial junctures in life.

PK Mohan, Sydney

I first came into contact with Sunil ji two years ago. I was amazed when everything he predicted began to happen in my life. Since then, I always contact him whenever I need any advice in my career or life. He is down to earth, warm and genuine. I highly recommend Sunil ji.

Samar, Sydney

I just want to thank you for the way you have guided me in my career, relationships and everything else. Today, I am a successful actress with name, fame, money and on top of it all, a balanced family life and for this I am thankful to God and to his messenger you. I cannot thank you enough.

Love and regards Samiksha, actress in Mumbai

I was very depressed about the marriage of my daughter and also about buying a new house. I contacted Sunil and he made several accurate predictions about my family. I also found my gem stone to help me. It was great to speak with such a knowledgeable astrologer. I pray for his success.

S, Karachi

Sunil has been a great friend, philosopher and guide to me and my family. We consult him regularly for all major decisions and his advice, based on vedic astrology, has been invaluable.

A B. Amex, Sydney

There is a long list of turning points in my life which were predicted by Mr Sunil. Thanks to him, I was ready for the changes and made the most of them. He has played a great role in my career. God bless Sunil ji.

Dr. Ahuja, Melbourne

Sunil ji simplified astrology for me. He made it easy for me to understand and follow remedies and today I am a firm believer. His help has been crucial in my life and I am really grateful to Sunil ji.

R Sharma, Perth

There were times when there was no solution in sight for us. With his friendly and warm approach, Sunil Saini showed us the way using his immense knowledge of vedic astrology. My husband did not believe in astrology but now he does.

R Chug, Melbourne

Sunil Saini ji proved that astrology doesn’t have to be obscure or hard to follow. He does not recommend elaborate pujas or any such thing. His greatest quality is being able to offer peace of mind, and actually offer solutions to problems.

G.K. Bagla, Sydney

Sunil’s been amazing during my sessions with him. Accurate about the past and insightful about the future… a great help indeed.

M Jeffery

I met Mr Sunil through a mutual acquaintance. His predictions have more than a touch of reality about them. I consult him regularly now, it is a relationship.

John K

I was not into astrology until the concept of Vedic astrology entered my life through Sunil Saini. I now understand the effect of planets on our lives much better. Sunil’s guidance has been critical to me ever since.

Matthew q

When it comes to astrology, Sunil ji’s skills are simply incomparable. His insightful reading sessions have enabled me to see a clearer picture of life and gain peace of mind. Thank you Sunil ji, for your guidance and wisdom.

Deepika Sukumar, film actress, Sydney

Sunil Saini is the best astrologer in the universe, hands down. He is a compassionate and sensitive astrolger who seeks to bring out the best in an individual, helping them through tough times. It is no surprise that his talent is recognised worldwide.

Mala Malhotra, air hostess, Dubai

I have been in touch with Sunil Saini for the past 6 years. Sunil’s readings on my astrology chart were in-depth, accurate and at times, mesmerising. When times were not good, Sunil ji suggested remedies that always worked wonders for me. I have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone.

Jagdeep Kaur, Nairobi

Sunil Saini has advised me on various aspects of work-related and other problems…his accurate predictions and timely advice has been of immense assistance during difficult times. I thank Sunil and wish him well.

N Bana, Sydney